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Origin and Evolution

The initial “Black Shop Friday Campaign” was created by Black and diverse staff members at Chicago-based agency OKRP, led by Aubrey Walker, Executive Creative Director in November 2020. Since then, Black Shop Friday has been established as a separate, non-profit organization dedicated to amplifying Black voices & culture.

What is Black Shop Friday?

Black Shop Friday is dedicated to raise awareness of local black-owned businesses by calling on people to commit to visit and purchase from at least one black-owned business – brick-and-mortar or online, product or service – as part of their regular routine on the busiest shopping day of the year.

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In Partnership With

Earlier this year, Black Shop Friday collaborated with Target to establish a majority-Black board of directors. This important partnership helps diversify perspectives, expand campaign reach, and extend retail training for our participating businesses. Target supports Black-owned businesses in every stage of development, and we encourage participants to apply for Target Accelerator Programs: Target Takeoff & Forward Founders. Both programs are designed to help entrepreneurs increase their potential for long-term success in retail.

Produced by

Black-owned Creative & Production Partners

  • Photography: Parrish Lewis
  • Typography: Vocal Type Co./ Tré Seals
  • Editorial: Spin Artists
  • Music Composition: Slang Music

Board of Directors

  • Aubrey Walker III, OKRP
  • Carol H. Williams, Carol Williams Advertising
  • Elena Robinson, Whiskey & Bananas Studios
  • Karen Freeman-Wilson, Chicago Urban League
  • Rahul Roy, OKRP

Supported by

Chicago Urban League
City of Chicago
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